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Local studio steps in to honour pre purchase packages after skin clinic disappears

Local studio steps in to honour pre-purchase packages after skin clinic disappears

When Nude Skin and Laser Clinic in Tauranga suddenly closed on Monday 21st of November, it was upsetting for laser hair removal customers who had pre-purchased packages from them. In a heartwarming story that proves the generous spirit of Christmas is alive and well, local beauty salon Shape Studio stepped in to help these customers out.

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In the closing email sent to the studio’s client database, the company says Covid-19 and the “cost of doing business in the current economic climate” forced it to close its Tauranga branch.
As well as this, the email states there will be no refunds, and clients who wish to continue with their appointments will have to travel to its Hamilton clinic.

Laser Hair Removal is not a one-off treatment, instead, it requires multiple treatments spaced apart. Typically customers purchase between 6 and 10 treatments at a time. Some Tauranga Nude Skin and Laser Clinic customers had only just purchased their packages and took to social media to express their resentment of the situation.

According to Nudes’ website, the cost of pre-paying for ten treatments can range between $25 a treatment for chin hair removal ($190 for 10 treatments) and up to $499 per treatment for full body hair removal. Many people purchase packages in order to save money on their overall treatments, up to 25% in some cases.

Travelling from Tauranga to Hamilton was simply not an option for many customers, given the time and fuel costs involved. Thankfully, the spirit of Christmas is alive and well at Shape Studio, which has offered to help these customers out.

Shape Studio bought a new laser machine, hired an experienced technician to use it, and offered these treatments at no cost to Tauranga Nude Skin and Laser Clinic customers – despite knowing that the majority of the expense would fall on them. “Even though doing this comes with a steep financial cost for us, we wanted to make sure these customers weren’t left out of pocket”, says Managing Director Jorgi Lee.

Shape Studio receives about 30 – 40 calls a day from distressed Nude Skin and Laser Clinic Tauranga customers who had pre-purchased these packages, “Each day our phones are ringing off the hook, so our mission is to fulfil as many of these packages as possible”.

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Laser hair removal is used for a variety of reasons. Medical conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause young girls and women to develop thick, dark facial and body hair. Offering this service makes a huge difference to their self-esteem and confidence. “These treatments aren’t always affordable for everyone, and some parents have sacrificed a lot financially to help their daughters”, says Jorgi. What has made a difference to Jorgi and her team is the level of gratitude they receive from customers relieved they won’t be left out of pocket. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive: customers have expressed their immense gratitude with some even donating money towards their own treatments as a sign of appreciation”, says Jorgi.

Shape Studio wants clients who have pre-purchased treatments from Nude Skin and Laser Clinic in Tauranga to know Shape Studio is here for them. Due to their busy schedules, Jorgi urges clients to book sessions well before their vouchers expire.

Truly, this story is a beautiful example of how one business has put people before profit this Christmas. It’s incredible stories like this that remind us that together, there is always something we can do to help those around us.

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