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Skin Concerns

Face Lines & Wrinkles

Some people see fine lines and wrinkles as well-earned signs of age and wisdom, but it’s something that many of us would rather do without. As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin. Our skin loses volume, and fine lines and wrinkles will start to show. UV light exposure, free radicals and hormonal changes can accelerate the natural ageing process.

It’s also no secret that our eyes are one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing. On average, we blink 15–20 times a minute and when you often smile, frown or squint, wrinkles become more prominent. All facial movements, whether they are happy or sad, will eventually cause lines and wrinkles.

What can we do about it?

Wrinkles are a natural sign of ageing that will inevitably affect everyone, but when our skin appears less youthful and we get crow’s feet and harsh lines, it can make us look tired and appear older than we really are.

The last thing we want is for you to stop smiling! We believe it’s never too early or too late to look your best.

That’s why we have a range of state of the art, non-invasive skin tightening technologies and non-surgical facelifts available at Shape Studio that deliver maximum tone, lift and skin rejuvenation.

SQT Bio-Needling

A Brand New Revolution In Aesthetic Dermatology

Sponge spicules are a kind of siliceous bio microneedle that is extracted from the freshwater sponge. They can stimulate the dermis of the skin and start skin surface microcirculation. They effectively deliver active ingredients to the dermis layer of skin while also activating the basal skin cells.

They can be seen as a powder to the naked eye and as a sharp rod crystal under the microscope. In just 5 Minutes, 3 – 5 000,000 natural siliceous microneedles are directly introduced into the dermis layer through hand massage

No bleeding, no anaesthetic, and no skin breakage.