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Skin Concerns

Stubborn Fat

A little fat is necessary to stay healthy, as it insulates the body against the cold and provides a padding to protect our internal organs.

But If you eat more calories than you can burn, your body will store those additional calories somewhere, since they aren’t being used, resulting in subcutaneous fat.

What can we do about it?

While we recommend for you to stick to a balanced and nutritious diet and exercise a few times a week, we also understand that some fat pockets are just impossible to shift, no matter how much you get into your activewear or use your juicer.

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and failed to get the body shaping results you want, it may be time to consider one of Shape Studio’s non-invasive treatments.

Without surgery or downtime, the result will be a flatter stomach, shapelier thighs and a smoother silhouette, depending on what area of your body you want us to focus on.

If you can pinch it, we can freeze it!

Fat Freezing, also known as cool sculpting, reduces subcutaneous fat without surgery. This walk-in, walk-out treatment permanently destroys fat cells, resulting in a more contoured figure.

CoolTech Fat Freezing treatments are ideal for people who are within, or just a little over, their appropriate weight, and have stubborn pockets that seem resistant to diet and exercise.

More than 1,000,000 patients have received cooltech® treatments with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%. Patients can begin to see results in as little as 15 days.

** Fat Freezing is not recommended as a weight loss solution and there are some contra-indications that may exclude some people from treatment such as blood disorders, e.g., cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria.