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Skin Concerns

Stretch Marks

Many women have stretch marks, and many would prefer to have smoother, more youthful skin. Stretch marks are especially common after pregnancy, affecting areas like the abdomen or thighs. Secret RF Microneedling can be an effective treatment option for these unsightly scars.

What are stretch marks?

Understanding what causes stretch marks also makes it clearer how Secret RF helps reduce them. Stretch marks occur in the dermis, or middle layer of the skin, and are caused by connective tissues being stretched beyond what they are capable of.

This causes weakened collagen production, ultimately resulting in thinner skin with a red appearance that may lighten over time.

How can Secret RF help with Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are very common in pregnancy, sudden weight gain or rapid growth, and it is very normal to feel some self-consciousness about their appearance. Unfortunately, topical treatments are usually ineffective at treating stretch marks, as the damage lies beneath the surface of the skin.

Secret RF microneedling has the ability to penetrate beyond the epidermis (skin surface) into the dermis layer of the skin using tiny microneedles.

These microneedles simultaneously deliver radio frequency energy which has a greater capacity to stimulate new collagen and is highly effective in remodelling the structure of the skin at multiple levels.

As the body begins to heal the micro-wounds created by Secret RF, it rebuilds new, stronger cells, collagen and elastin.

The damaged skin within a stretch mark is therefore replaced, revealing more youthful, smoother skin with reduced redness.

SQT Bio-Needling

A Brand New Revolution In Aesthetic Dermatology

Sponge spicules are a kind of siliceous bio microneedle that is extracted from the freshwater sponge. They can stimulate the dermis of the skin and start skin surface microcirculation. They effectively deliver active ingredients to the dermis layer of skin while also activating the basal skin cells.

They can be seen as a powder to the naked eye and as a sharp rod crystal under the microscope. In just 5 Minutes, 3 – 5 000,000 natural siliceous microneedles are directly introduced into the dermis layer through hand massage

No bleeding, no anaesthetic, and no skin breakage.