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Ultraformer III is the leading technology for facial lifting, tightening and contouring. Ultraformer III is widely used with over 10 million treatments performed worldwide.

It has become the treatment of choice for patients who are not yet indicated or not willing to undergo invasive surgery.

The ULTRAFORMER III is a simple, yet effective device that helps treat patient concerns including, but not limited to, crows feet, face lines and wrinkles, frown lines, loose skin, turkey neck, and upper lip lines. With highly comfortable procedures followed by highly satisfying results, prepare to be impressed.


Ultrasound beams are directed to multiple layers underneath the skin to promote tighter collagen formation, tissue contraction and reduction in the volume of adipocytes that form bulging areas of tissue:

  • Patients notice an immediate benefit in improved skin tone and texture, with ongoing improvements over 3 to 9 months.
  • Traditionally difficult areas such as eye lifting are made easier with Ultraformer III’s specialised cartridges. It is possible for patients to experience up to 6mm of eyebrow lift, depending on their particular situation.

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Ultraformer III - Face, Neck & Skin Tightening


What is Ultraformer III?

Ultraformer III is the Leading System for ultrasound lifting, skin tightening and contouring and is widely used with over 10 million treatments performed worldwide.

Ultraformer III uses ultrasound to lift and tighten a number of problem areas, including the lower face, under the chin, and neck. It can reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. It can also be used for skin tightening on small problem areas of the body.

Who can have the Ultraformer III skin tightening treatment?

Patients suitable for Ultraformer III treatments are those with sagging and laxity of the skin, caused by sun damage and ageing.

Patients with facial implants or open wounds on their face are not appropriate for this skin tightening treatment.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my Ultraformer III skin tightening treatment?

For best results, we recommend men are clean shaven on the day for treatment. There is no need to wear makeup as it will be removed prior to treatment. Make up can be reapplied after your skin tightening treatment.

What happens during the skin tightening treatment?

During an Ultraformer III skin tightening treatment, low amounts of Micro-Focused Ultrasound energy are delivered into precise skin depths, without damaging the surface of the skin. The MFU energy creates heat, which stimulates tissue remodelling. The result, over time, is a natural skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation.

Prior to treatment you skin will be cleaned, and a set of clinical photos will be taken. Ultrasound gel will be applied to the treatment area and the applicator cartridge will then be placed on your skin and moved with the completion of each line of energy dispersion. You can expect to experience some minor discomfort although should this occur, our practitioner can easily adjust the setting for comfort.

What results can I expect to see?

Patients notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and texture, with results continuing to develop over time. Results from an Ultraformer III skin tightening treatment develop as your body naturally responds to the induction of energy, which typically begin at four weeks post treatment and finish after three to six months.
Ultraformer stimulates the following phases.

Inflamation Phase

Ultrasound energy transferred directly into the dermis causes inflammation of skin tissue followed by a natural process of fibroplasia, or migration of new connective tissue for wound healing purposes.

Remodeling Phase

Granulation tissue forms on the wound, inducing a tighter and more uniform build-up of collagen fibres. On the exterior, the patient will notice diminishing wrinkles and a tighter complexion between a period of 3 weeks and 6 months.

What does the Ultraformer III treat?

Ultraformer III performs skin tightening on the Face, Neck and Body. It can also be used to lift the skin, treat fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate and strengthen the skin.

How long does each skin tightening treatment take?

Ultraformer III skin tightening treatments take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on which areas are being treated.

How much does it cost?
The cost varies depending on the areas you are having treated. The practitioner will discuss the areas you would like treated during your consultation and can customise the treatment to address your areas of concern and meet your budget.
How many skin tightening treatments will I need?

We recommend 2-3 skin tightening treatments initially, then this can be maintained with once yearly treatments. Additional to this, for more severe skin laxity concerns on the abdomen, subsequent treatments may be required to achieve your desired result.

Your practitioner can advise you of the appropriate skin tightening treatment regimen to maximise your results during your consultation.

What are the possible side effects?

Although side effects are uncommon, they can occur. They are usually temporary and mild in nature. Your skin may appear red for a few hours after an Ultraformer III skin tightening treatment. You may experience slight swelling, tingling or tenderness for a few days after treatment. Rarely, some patients may experience temporary bruising welts or numbness.

As with any heat-based treatment, there is a slight risk of burning the skin. Temporary nerve inflammation will resolve in a few days or weeks. If a motor nerve has become inflamed, you might experience some temporary local muscle weakness. There could be some temporary numbness if a sensory nerve has become inflamed.


Whilst we have seen amazing results from Ultraformer, please know that results do vary and we cannot make any guarantees. We recommend booking a consultation with our team where we can discuss with you furthermore how Ultraformer works, and whether it will be a suitable treatment for you that is in line with your skin goals.