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Xeomin – an alternative to Botox

If you’re searching for Botox treatments in Tauranga, you should know about Xeomin, an anti-wrinkle treatment that is double-filtered to remove unnecessary proteins…

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MeLine Pigmentation Peel – A Game Changer In Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Have you ever struggled with unwanted pigmentation? Maybe you’ve tried various creams and serums to no avail – don’t give up hope just yet! Introducing the MeLine Pigmentation Peel…

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Woman’s tattoo accidentally lasered over during hair removal session – why is this so concerning?

Fair Go recently featured a story about a woman whose tattoo was accidentally laser-ed over during laser hair removal…

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4 Laser Hair Removal Myths Debunked

Laser hair removal is a type of hair removal treatment that is becoming more popular and widely talked about as time goes on – and for good reason – it’s incredibly effective!

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What’s The Best Hair Removal Method? 5 Reasons To Choose Laser Hair Removal

Just like most women, we have tried all kinds of hair removal techniques, from shaving and waxing to different hair removal creams…

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Local studio steps in to honour pre purchase packages after skin clinic disappears

When Nude Skin and Laser Clinic in Tauranga suddenly closed on Monday 21st of November, it was upsetting for laser hair removal customers…

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Women in Business Interview

Women in Business Interview Jogi Lee – Shape Studio, What support do you have to help you be successful? My parents and my husband have certainly been my loudest cheerleaders, especially my best friend, my dad. He has always challenged…

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