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Introducing the Revolutionary Osmosis Skincare Range

Shape Studio is over the moon to announce they are now official stockists of Osmosis skin products, the groundbreaking range designed by renowned skincare innovator Dr. Ben Johnson.

Osmosis has a holistic approach to skincare, which sets it apart from other brands. Their philosophy is all about skincare from the inside out, so their products are clean and free of toxins to help the skin heal itself.

Medically developed and clinically validated, Osmosis has consumer-proven results that show real, visible and lasting change in the skin.

This aligns perfectly with Shape Studio’s vision to provide non-surgical treatments that enhance our customers’ beauty.

Shape Studio are stockists of three Osmosis product lines: Skin Care, MD Advanced and Wellness.

The Osmosis Skin Care range is all about Transformative Skin Health through non-toxic skincare products inspired by Osmosis MD, the company’s pharmaceutical-grade professional skincare collection.

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These high-potency, clinically proven products contain patented ingredients you can’t find in any other products.

With targeted nutrients that get to the root of many different skin conditions, Osmosis is designed to uniquely transform and restore your skin to its natural health and vitality.

For an even more potent treatment, the MD Advanced collection contains clinically-approved products that are only available through a licensed Osmosis Professional.

This is scientifically advanced skincare: using cutting edge technology and pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems, MD Advanced can help create profound changes in your skin health.

Shape Studio also stocks the Wellness range of products, which include rejuvenating lifestyle elixirs and natural supplements that help support the skin-body connection and bring balance.

What really makes Osmosis stand out as a skincare brand is its commitment to innovation and scientific approaches to many skin issues.

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Its philosophy is based on a holistic approach to skincare, where clients undergo Skin Mapping™ to identify exactly what’s going on with their skin.

From there, we can establish the right course of treatment that targets the root cause of the issue.

By using clean, non-toxic ingredients, you don’t need to compromise what you put on your skin. You can achieve incredible results while knowing you’re doing what’s right for your body.

You won’t find artificial colours or fragrances in Osmosis products; just patented, exclusive ingredients that work!

On top of that, the pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems ensure the nutrients go to exactly the right place to achieve maximum results.

Patented and exclusive ingredient systems include liposomal delivery, zinc finger technology, and growth factors.

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So, how can you trust that Osmosis does what it says it does?

It all comes back to the company’s founder, Ben Johnson, MD.

Over the past 25 years, he has dedicated himself to solving some of the world’s most challenging skin and health issues.

As a result of his unparalleled research and philosophies regarding the skin-body connection, he holds multiple patents related to skincare and wellness.

With his revolutionary approach, Dr. Johnson founded Osmosis Beauty to shift the focus of skin care away from excessive exfoliation to dermal remodelling, DNA and barrier repair, and detoxification.

When toxic influences are removed from the body and skin, he has found that they are capable of healing themselves.

The results have been proven time and again – they really work!

At Shape Studio, we’re delighted to offer this incredible range of products to our clients.

We know how amazing Osmosis is and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

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